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What is wakesurfing?

It’s great to try out new things but one of the first issues you’re going to face is learning about them. Of course, it’s no shame that you know too little at first; you need to start somewhere after all. That’s why we’ve created this guide on what is wakesurfing and all the things you need to know before you dive into the new hobby.

When learning about wakesurfing, it’s impossible not to mention wakeboarding. Many beginners wonder if they’re the same or how they are related to each other. So to start off your guide, let’s clarify a few points between wakesurfing and wakeboarding.

Wakesurfing vs Wakeboarding

The main difference between the two is how each of them works. You see, with wakeboarding, the rope is used to tow the rider all throughout the process.

If you watch professional wakeboarding, you can see all kinds of tricks done while still holding on to the rope. To make this possible, the boat has to create larger waves. This is why boats used in wakeboarding are more complex than its counterpart. Another difference that we need to point out is the longer boards used in wakeboarding.

Wakesurfing 101

The beauty of wakesurfing lies in the fact that it can be done whether or not you’re near the ocean. This is good news for those who love watersports but aren’t anywhere near a great spot for massive waves. This new sport allows you to create your own waves. And unlike other watersports out there, it can be enjoyed with friends. (Yes, they can drink beer and laugh at you while you’re struggling to stay standing on your board.)

Despite being new, wakesurfing is known worldwide, to both beginners and experts. In fact, there are huge competitions that celebrate the sport and they are being held in different parts of the world.

How does wakesurfing work?

It involves a motorboat that tows the rider behind as it creates wake for them to surf. But unlike in wakeboarding, the rider lets go of the rope as soon as they gain stability and control of the board.

You start by lying on back in the water while holding the rope that’s connected to the boat. The motorboat then starts. It’s important to stand up very carefully at this point. It will start to gain momentum and when the rider is on a stable surfing position, the real fun begins. You let go of the rope and start surfing with the waves created by the motorboat.

There are different things that can be done to the motorboat to create larger wakes. For example, you can add extra weight in it or have extra ballast, which will make the boat look like it’s tipping. Having the passengers switch sides can also provide the desired results.

Where can you wakesurf?

The best thing about wakesurfing is it can be done anywhere, as long as you have a body of water to move a boat around. You don’t need to be in the ocean, or to be in popular watersports spots where the waves are magnificent. It can be done in inland lakes or other bodies of water suitable for wakesurfing.

What do you need for wakesurfing?

To get started with wakesurfing, you need to secure several things. First and foremost, you need a wakesurfing instructor who can teach you the ropes (no pun intended).

If you are planning something casual, like doing this activity once or twice every few months to unwind, there is no need for you to secure your own equipment. There are many wakesurfing spots in Singapore that can provide you with everything you need.

However, if you’re gearing towards making it a hobby, you’d want to invest in your own stuff. First, there’s the boat. As you know, it is very expensive. That’s why you need to do more than a little research on this one. Another option is to rent out a boat too, which is the more financially sound choice for those who don’t have the budget yet.

Next thing you should into is getting your gear. This includes the board, life jacket, and rope.

“Can I use the same board I use with wakeboarding?”

No. As mentioned earlier, one of the main differences between wakeboarding and wakesurfing is the board being used.

“My friend, who’s quite a veteran in this field already, has their own personal wakesurfing board. Can I just use that?”

It depends. Most professional wakesurfing boards have nuances in their design and structure that might not fit right with beginners. These are minute things that you may not be able to notice at first glance. You’d want to find boards that are perfectly made for novices.

For the life jacket, when buying, you’d want to focus on the fit, comfortability, and safety features. Buying the rope is easy. Just be careful not to get the same ones used for wakeboarding. Again, two very different things!

So now that you have a general idea of what wakesurfing is and how it works, it’s time for you to jump in!