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Hello, 你好, hallo, こんにちは, bonjour, 여보세요,

My name is ¥en, I am a wakeboarding & wakesurfing instructor in Singapore (one of the few places in the world that allow wakeboarding & wakesurfing all year round).

I eat, sleep, ride and coach wakeboarding & wakesurfing. I have helped anyone from newbies to competitive wakeboarders and wakesurfer excel at this sports more than a decade. I have a strong belief in getting your fundamentals rock solid so that you can effectively progress from zero to hero while having maximum fun with your friends and family on my comfy and spacious SUPER AIR NAUTIQUE. This famous pro-level wakeboarding tour-craft needs no further introduction.

If this sounds like a great way to spend your day wakeboarding and wakesurfing, just give me a call or make reservation online. Hope to see you! 🤘

Your friendly and humble wakeboarding/wakesurfing instructor,

Phone: +65 9855 6623
Email: yen@surfnwake.com
Marina Country Club, 11 North Shore Drive,
Singapore 828670

Open: first light
Close: last light

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